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If you’re an Affiliate Marketer don’t read this, seriously

If you want to learn something, stop reading and start writing

The internet information excess can be counterproductive. Writing can be a better way to learn and think than simple systematic consumption of content.

Yes, it’s little ironic asking you to stop reading in the title and now keep writing with the intention of reading me… hey? Hi? Anybody there? Wow, for a second I thought I was alone. Let’s do this, first read this post and then you can do anything you want.

How many posts do you daily read? How many tweets? And YouTube videos? Yes, we need to get informed more than ever and recycle continuosly our knowledge to not get stuck working.

But the time you consume being ‘up to date‘, is time you loose producing or trying something of your own. The ideal is to find a good balance between the information we consume and the one we produce, because writing helps to learn, let’s look at it in depth:

Read is not always good

Basically we have been forced to read, anything, the more the better. No mother would punish a son who spent his hours surrounded by books instead of video games. No, reading it’s not bad at all, but we need to kill that cliché. Reading is a way to get information, no more no less, so we shouldn’t stay with the praise to the simple action of reading, but to consider the quality of the read, the information consumed.

In the opposite case, what you read may be quality content, useful, interesting, funny and well written. But if you only stay reading, without further reflection or an internalization of the contents, it is simple inconsequential consumption.

Reading on internet AKA God Procrastination

Surely you have a lot of subscription to blogs focused on CPA Marketing, that you regularly visit. Whether with Feedly or Pocket, newsletters, or Twitter lists, the amount of information keeps flowing. Is this bad? Well… no and yes. Obviously keeping abreast of new developments in your workforce is a good way to grow as a professional, the problem is when the amount of information is overwhelming and we spend too much time consuming it.

Our brain is barely able to hold so much information, and what we discover today will rarely remember in a week.

In addition to the saturated information and the superficiality of what is learned, the passive consumption of information will make us vague intellectually, because the lack of time with which we read often makes us question what we are told and we end up forming an opinion based around what we read, and as we always read from the same sources, our vision will be quite limited.

Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking
– Albert Einstein

In front of this passive consumption based on overflow subscriptions we can opt for active search. That is, ask questions and seeking answers. In this way our brain will be more interested in retaining what we find and also find opinions of different media so we will not only have a point of view. It is also important to question everything we read, to be like the child’s class questioner and to constantly doubt everything. Doubt, curiosity and active search will foster our creativity and our lateral thinking. Finally, to setting up an opinion and fix what was learned would be very interesting to write, you don’t have your own blog?

Writing helps thinking

Writing a blog is not only useful for teaching others, but also for own learning. To write you need to find information, to outline and explain it convincingly. An active, and very effective, way of learning.

Write a post on a blog helps to:

  • Document yourself

    Search actively for information in different media and possibly to take note.
  • Construct arguments

    Structure key points so that everything makes sense and is understandable for others.
  • Set concepts

    Build our own opinions, understand what we didn’t know and learn in the long term.
  • Get rich with feedback

    People’s comments will help you grow and correct your content. In addition, hopefully you can generate a debate on the subject that interests you.


The goal of this post is not to encourage non-reading, but to encourage critical and active reading. Constant consumption of information can sometimes be counterproductive to our learning objective or information, overstimulation produces noise. Be more selective with what you read, question everything, and build –if you have not already– the habit of writing regularly to help you think, understand and learn.

Learning by doing is best

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