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CPA Landing Page – PlayStation Store


The PlayStation Network it’s the Sony’s premier entertainment service

This Landing page it’s literally identical to the PlayStation Store design to best catch your audience. You’ll improve your profits increasing conversion rates.

For example, in recent days, Activision released the Crash Bandicoot for PS4, why aren’t you making a profit from it yet?

The easy implementation of this landing, it will help you to create unlimited pages for other games! So you can promote the last trending games for the PS3, PS4 or even PS Vita.

In case you’re a little lost, it comes with a little guide in case you want to change some texts or images (so you can make more variations!).

If you are wondering how it will be seen on mobile, just check out the demo, but I can tell you it’s just like the PS Store for phones.

It loads really fast, important content just fit on less than 315 KB. Including all the necessary CSS and images to making it awesome for responsive design (great on desktop, mobile or tablets).


Multi-site license
Works on any site
You’ll can show any game you want!

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