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Content Marketing: words are the key!

Information today… just comes.

It does not do it little by little, but it floods us and, the more it does… the more greedy we are as content consumers. We know that our customers are there today, interactive, eager for information and learning constantly in networks. The social media finally, is the nerve center of the trade of emotions and these, are indispensable in the new business philosophy.

From the process of maturation of Social Media, companies has been a major player today, whom know that must be able to establish differences and competitive advantages from their own messages and using their genuine creativity.

The question is increasingly getting a single answer: the content and more specifically, the quality of the content, the ability of the content to convey coherence, trust, credibility but also quality, training, opinion.

Currently the Web changes so fast that only by linking our creations to psychology, anthropology and a holistic approach, we can connect needs from content.

As we awaken to the new reality imposed on us from the content, we realize that consolidating our influence through the generation of quality is only possible if we manage to take advantage of the life cycle of each of our creations. So, it is indispensable to reinvent our strategies:

Make content as a starting point to identify needs

The focus must be on the demands of our target and be an ally of social action.

Let content be shared

The more you expose your content, the more visible your brand will be and the more brands you mention and link, the more channels of influence you will be enabling.

Give always something unique

This is the great workhorse for brands. Not in vain, if we review the two great cataclysms caused by the Google algorithm in just over a year, we will realize that the fight against plagiarism and the pursuit of innovation, creativity and constant and committed work are a constant. The ideas that are copied are not new and therefore, they are difficult to generate new ideas!

Analyze the interest generated by your content

It may happen that you develop a viable, efficient strategy based on previous analysis of your target. However, when analyzing the metrics or social action derived from your content, you realize that they do not generate the expected impact. The answer is there, within reach of your hand and the slogan is always: surrender what others want, not what you like!

Creating a marketing strategy of impact content that generates the social action necessary to build an influential brand is not a simple task. However, the constant and permanent search for growth and the development of skills and qualities that allow us to form motivated and cohesive work teams is the only path to growth.

Words… as always, maintain their power to generate reactions and feelings but the key is still to find those keywords that define our brand and make them the same, that define the needs of our customers.

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