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Tips to create a fake Facebook profile for CPA campaigns

Facebook is one of the best traffic sources, learn some tricks to run your campaigns.

Gaining traffic for CPA campaigns is the hardest part. In fact, the objective that these campaigns usually go for is attracting the largest amount of people. Thus, traffic is very important. Now, just as we mentioned before, getting traffic is the most difficult part of the procedure. In some cases, it is almost impossible to reach the expected number of people due to insufficient money to invest, lack of good tools, or simply bad luck.

How to gain more traffic with ease

However, there is a great method to win real traffic using Facebook-based CPA campaigns: creating fake profiles to promote. You might ask: doesn’t Facebook ban fake profiles used for marketing or spam? Yes, it does. But we’ll show you how to make a fake profile without getting busted by Facebook; thus, you’ll help your campaign’s traffic increase significantly. Your CPA campaign will exceed your expectations.
So pay attention to the following tips, which will show you how to create – successfully – a fake Facebook profile to promote your CPA campaign and obtain more traffic (and income).

Fake pictures

The first thing you’ll need to get more traffic in your fake profile is make it more realistic. Get pictures from internet or any other place and upload them on the profile. Using an attractive person in your profile picture is effective.

Send friend requests

The point of friend requests is to keep in touch with people you actually know personally. However, most Facebook users don’t pay much attention to it and literally accept anyone who sends a friend request. Start sending friend requests to all the people you can. They will be your public. For more probabilities to get accepted, an attractive profile pic is very relevant, and much more if other pictures are uploaded in the profile’s timeline.

Use attractive pictures

We emphasize the importance of the pictures you upload once more. Interestingly, the first thing that makes people go to your profile is your profile pic. This is why you often see fake profiles with almost-naked girls in the profile pic and so on. Believe it or not, tons of people are fooled. Thus, use this subtle method to catch people’s attention.

Join Facebook groups

Joining Facebook groups might be the best method to reach the largest amount of people, because many groups have thousands of members, more than you would reach by sending friend requests. Using Facebook groups wisely is an excellent way to promote your campaign… but don’t overdo this method, because you might be banned right away if you join lots of groups with a recently-created profile.

Final recommendations

As you can see, creating a fake Facebook profile to promote your CPA campaign is possible. Anyways, you have to be discrete when it comes to faking profiles. There are high possibilities that your account will be banned if you aren’t wise. So be smart, don’t go crazy over it and start gaining real traffic!

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