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12 expressions of Twitter bio to lie down and cry

Try not to cry, it’s not their fault

Be careful! Your Twitter bio might be disgusting. But don’t worry about it, everything has a solution. First step is accept it.

Twitter bio is your introduction letter to the world, is the first thing you see when you follow someone on Twitter. You have 160 characters to show the world that you have something interesting to say, before they realize otherwise.

Specifically, there are some generalized occurrences. We are talking about clichés of Twitter bios:

‘Expert on…’

How many times have you heard the top experts in a sector say they are experts? Not so many, surely. Why? Because when someone is expert in something, he proves it every day, and doesn’t boast of it in his Twitter.

If you think you are an expert, there are less arrogant ways that give information about your field of work or passion without you judge your degree of knowledge about it.

‘Passionate about…’

If you dedicate yourself to something, putting passion is what will bring you and what you do. However, the ‘passionate’, especially at Social Media, has become such a recurrent topic that tires out.

The term has been devalued and has come to mean ‘I really like’, ‘not bad’, and finally ‘I think I know what it means’. It has been corrupted so much that it means nothing, and therefore, it doesn’t contribute.

Guru / Ninja / Magician / Hacker

Do you know that stage in pre-adolescence where children wear black skull jerseys because it makes them feel they are cool? People who put Guru or similar terms in their bio are the digital equivalent of these little people who will soon be looking at their wardrobe with that mood of shame before our own past.

The terms sound good, it’s a shame that is used so much that it will wear and now make you look like want and can’t.


It could be put it in the previous one but it deserves its own space… now seriously, really? I want to be like you when I grow up.

‘I have X characters left’

If you can summarize your person in less than 160 characters, either you have a great synthesis ability (which is good) or very little to tell (which is bad). Make sure which of these two groups you belong to if you have space left.

And if you have enough, do not go presuming that you have X characters left, because they will not be enough and nothing at all.

‘My bio is my CV’

A person is more than his studies or works, and your bio should reflect who you are in as much detail as possible.


There’s no obligation to put a numeral before words. The hashtags have a purpose, either to label content, humorous, to make it easy to find but… labeling too many words in your bio makes a mess.

‘CEO of my life’

Really? If the idea were original, it would be great, as everyone puts it, it becomes shabby.

Follow me and I follow you / Followback

If the maximum value you can contribute to someone on Twitter is to give an additional follower, you should rethink being in this social network.

The ‘follow me’ or ‘follow me, please’ slope, also known as ‘Twitter beggar’ is no better.

‘My opinions are mine’

Unless you work in a medium with an editorial line that forces you to clarify it, which justifies it totally, it’s pretty obvious that your opinions are yours. Specifying it can be unnecessary and tedious.

‘Whatever 2.0’

We got it, you have blog and Twitter, but don’t forget the guy who is reading you too. The term ‘2.0’ is so vague that it can mean anything, if you really do something special in the online world, express it in a way that sets you apart.

If you do the same as the others, the 2.0 sounds to those products to which they add a 2000 at the end to be more striking.

Using other people quotes

And this includes famous quotes, motivational phrases, fragments of movies… the best way to describe yourself shouldn’t be through things that others have done. Not to mention the tendency to cheesy of many.

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