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Facebook vs Twitter. Which one is the best traffic source for CPA?

Do you want to know which one gives you more better results for your CPA campaign?

If you are running a CPA campaign, you surely are looking for a social network, website or other place to obtain the largest amount of traffic. Since Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networks today, you might ask: which one is the best traffic source for CPA campaigns? This article will answer that question.

Which social network is best to obtain traffic: Facebook or Twitter?

Traffic is indispensable when it comes to CPA campaigns. The income you make depends directly on the number of actions you achieve; thus, more traffic means more probabilities of gaining more cash, because more people see the advertisements you promote. In other words, if you want more income, and a successful CPA campaign, the first thing you will need is more traffic.

It is clear that traffic is your best friend in every affiliate marketing campaign, including CPA. Now, which social network is best for traffic: Facebook or Twitter?

Things to consider

Statistics are clear, but there are many things to consider before deciding which social network is best to obtain more traffic, and, therefore, a successful CPA campaign. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of using Twitter or Facebook as a traffic source for your CPA campaign, and that way make a conclusion.


The cost is one of the first things we search for when it comes to advertising. The truth is that both social networks offer different prices for the advertisements. However, the winning one in this category is Facebook, undoubtedly.

Facebook lets you run advertisement campaigns for just $2.50, and is much more flexible and adaptive in pricing.

Twitter, on another hand, offers higher prices. For example, some pay per click (PPC) advertisements in Facebook cost $1 per click, but in Twitter cost $4 or more.


Talking about reach, both Facebook and Twitter have similar features. Nevertheless, Facebook is slightly better than Twitter in this point, because Facebook allows you to customize the public you want to reach specifically.

Plus, Facebook counts with a breathtaking number of users: approximately 2 billion (2,000,000,000) users per month (June 2017 stats)! Yes, almost the fourth part of the worldwide population uses Facebook regularly.

Twitter has around 330 million (330,000,000) active users (October 2017 stats), way below the number of users Facebook has.

The larger amount of active users make Facebook better to reach more people; but you also have to keep in mind the public you want to reach. For instance, 49% of Twitter active users follow brands or companies, while only 16% do in other social networks. So, if you are promoting a brand or a company, Twitter is worth analyzing.

Another thing that is worth considering is the amount of people that see the advertisement. Twitter’s fast-scrolling, short-texted home page is harder for people to see it. Facebook advertisements last much longer on the home page, and that means more people will see it.


Facebook campaigns are far much easier to create than in Twitter, and are user-friendly. That’s why you should choose Facebook if you aren’t experienced.

The final decision is yours

Although Facebook might seem as the best option at first, we recommend you to try both with small projects and perceive by your own which one works
best for you
. Both have their pros and cons.

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