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How to mass join in several Facebook groups at the same time

Learn how to post in multiple Facebook Groups and reach more people in less time

When it comes to affiliate marketing campaigns, Facebook groups are a great tool. These groups will help you reach a large number of people at the same time. In fact, some groups have thousands of members; this is why many people decide to mass join Facebook groups to promote their affiliate marketing campaigns.

Tutorial: how to mass join Facebook groups

However, mass joining Facebook groups isn’t as easy as it sounds. Certain knowledge is required to do so. But, for your relief, we have elaborated a tutorial for you, so you can mass join Facebook groups with ease, and also avoid Facebook bans and/or group’s disapproval.

First step: Use an old account

To follow this procedure, you will need an old account. Preferably with activity and already phone verified. The best results are obtained of it is a real account.

Second step: Join groups with that old account

Now, start joining Facebook groups as you please. It’s better if the groups you join are within your niche. As a recommendation, join groups that have lots of members; even though the number of groups you join can compensate the number of members, remember that your objective is to reach the largest amount of people as possible.

Third step: Install Mozilla Firefox and create a new Firefox profile

Firefox lets you create more than one profile. These profiles are originally meant for saving settings, history, cookies, bookmarks, etc., but they can be useful for many other purposes.
Enter Firefox > Menu > Options > Firefox account, and add another Firefox account. The reason behind the creation of the new account is because we’ll be using it to run several proxies simultaneously with FoxyProxy. Create a reasonable number of accounts depending on the size of the marketing campaign you’re in.

Fourth step: Assign a proxy to each account

The next thing you have to do is buy a private proxy and put it in each Firefox account you created previously. After doing so, each profile will act like a separate browser installation; thus, you’ll have to install FoxyProxy on each one of them. Besides, assigning certain IP addresses to each profile will be necessary.

Fifth step: Enter in one of your PVA Facebook accounts

After entering in one of your new PVA (Phone Verified Account), send a friend request to your main Facebook account (the one you used to join the Facebook groups). The number of fake accounts you add to your main account should be discrete, because there are possibilities your main account will be banned if some suspicious activity is noticed.

Sixth step: Log in to your main Facebook account

Then, enter in your main Facebook account and accept the friend requests you sent from your recently created PVA accounts. Once this is done, invite those accounts to the Facebook groups you’re already in. Keep in mind that your accounts may be banned if you join too many Facebook groups at once. The only way to avoid being banned is if someone else invites you.

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