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Why do you need a Landing Page for your CPA offer?

Landing Pages let you give a better idea, in a more convincing way, to the offer you promote for the interested user. The first impression your visitor will have before the offer.

If you’re new at CPA Marketing, you’ve probably heard marketers and their need to have a Landing Page to promote anything and have a more effective conversion rate (20% is a great number to aim for).

But don’t you forget that ways to deliver traffic it’s also important: PPV, PPC, media buying or any other methods for CPA advertising that generate enough targeted visitors.

They are a great tactic used by several successful CPA marketers. An autonomous webpage that uses persuasive elements, the middleman between the customer and the product, accomplishing your traffic to convert on an offer. It’s purpose is to get your visitor to take action over your CPA offer.

Based on the CPA Marketing advertising model where advertisers pay an amount of money for every action they’re able to generate.

What are the benefits of using Landing Page?

  • Help increase conversion rates a lot, explains what’s going on and what are you offering
  • They are a great alternative for direct offers, since most advertising company that might originally not allow direct links to CPA offer (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) or are country based
  • Easily capture and generate leads
  • You can re-use it for any available offer at any given time, keeping the traffic flow in and not losing it
  • They can go viral on social media, increasing traffic at zero cost

What should a Landing Page have and contain?

Based on best practices, when it’s a niche based on a product, game, event or more it must be as realistic as possible, to make it more convincing for the user.

  • Title: the caption is the first thing visitors will likely see when they arrive on a landing page. It must give a brief of the offer in a snappy way, answering the question: ‘what will I’ll receive?
  • Strong CTA: a Call To Action button focused on user, on a good location to get on visitor attention
  • Text: it should explain the value of the offer briefly and simple for the user to understand. It can be separated into blocks, listings or some design that does not bother the visitor
  • Easy going: a simple landing page will boost the opportunity for visitors to keep on the page and convert. It also reduce friction, minimize bounce rate and decrease distractions
  • Design: include a high quality design to give visitors a better idea of what they will get
  • Optimization: responsive, clean code and good intern structure (for desktop and mobile traffic)

The important thing is the quality and quantity of Landing Pages

The more you have, the more chances you’ll have to turn visitors into conversions. So, you can assume by now that the conversion rate and earning will be higher by using Landing pages instead of promoting direct CPA offer link.

Where can I get Landing Page?

Fortunately, we have cheap solutions available to CPA marketers, to have and setup Landing Pages quick and simple for anybody. No waiting time, you don’t need any person to do it for you; you can easily download and use (and even edit) landing pages in minutes!

Start your project and increase your conversions!

Our landing pages and templates make sure that your traffic will not be wasted. With our hottest trending niches you’ll convert, maximizing the lead conversion rate so you can make more money.

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