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Tips for Twitter beginners

Things I would have liked to know before start tweeting

Twitter isn’t that hard. After all you only have one challenge: write everything you want in 140 characters. However, even with this easy concept, giving it the right use isn’t so obvious.

Work your personal image

You have to work your profile. It’s really important to have a good photo, a custom background, a descriptive text that identifies the brand (the more creative, the better). Your profile says a lot about you, so don’t put it aside and give it the importance it deservers. Here you have some tips to write a nice bio for Twitter and things to avoid in your bio.

The photo must be of you, people love to connect with other people, not avatars. Don’t change it constantly either, people will recognize you after some time by the photo, so if you are continually change it, you won’t be doing a favor to your personal brand.

Follow people even if they don’t

Don’t punish yourself because someone isn’t following you, it’s not forced to do it. Follow someone because you are interested on the message, the conversation, and win step by step that follow-back that bothers you by talking and contributing value. Don’t be obssesed, do it natural.

Stop following people that don’t contribute anything

Why follow people that tweeted about 6 months ago? Clean up your following list from time to time and don’t worry about what they will say. There’s nothing better than stop following someone to let them know you’re not interested. Apps like Sayonara for iOS let you know when they stop following you and the last tweet before unfollow.

Don’t be overwhelming

Try to balance your things. Keep on mind if you only talk about the brand, your followers will be tired and will unfollow you.

Use the lists

The lists will serve you to categorize the users you’re following. They will let you read only the tweets they do in a simple way.

When you start, it’s normal that you don’t need them. But as you follow more people, is a very useful way of being able to keep up with different themes or users without losing your mind in a crowded timeline.

Reply before the RT, not after

It is easier to know the opinion you have of a tweet if you write it before than if you write it after the RT.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are categories where we globalize our messages. Using a hashtag our tweet will be read by all the users that are looking by that category and all the users that are talking about a topic will be quickly encompassed. You sure know about the #FF, #jobs and others.

Now, use it carefully, don’t abuse them. This is the number one reason to unfollow users.

Measure and conquer

With RetweetLab you will know very differents and interesting statics about your tweets. What time is the most shared, when they shared in comparision about the tweet length, etc. Useful data that will help you get more information to get better results. Other tools that will let you know your audience details are Audiense or Followerwonk.

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