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Why do you follow people on Twitter?

Be honest with you

Tell the truth. Bio is our first impression, our first ‘hi!’ even with that smile that we use. So, it’s worth thinking about it and think it again, our personal brand is at stake.

Tips to write our bio in such way we (and them) are charmed to meet us:

Twitter bio must be beyond the lines. The spaces between lines exist and we all read it. It’s public and it says a lot about who we are in a few words. Let’s choose them right. Start from the beginning. There’s no good or bad bios. Only bad focused bios. But we are on time, are you ready?

Be 100% honest (well, try at least!)
Don’t say what you are not, basically. This point has no secrets, we are not reinventing the wheel, or discover big things, but is sometimes is something we don’t know how to do, or think we know and there’s no way: not always the message we send is the one we receive. And sometimes, directly, we lie brazenly, for sure.


I’m telling the truth, yes, but… with or without filters? Can we have no filters at social media? The million dollar question.

Don’t even think that your Twitter followers or Facebook friends or wherever you are, will always agree with you. There always gonna be different reactions about three principal topics: politics, sex and religion. The most extreme and critical is the loss of the follower, friend or X. So, does this mean that we shouldn’t talk about those areas? Not at all.

This, as everything, it’s a matter of priorities. If you want fans, followers, etc., that never leave you (at least as a direct and immediate consequence of a tweet or post on your Facebook), don’t write about them. Or avoid them as much as possible (not forcing it, and being naturals, it’s about that). Or be yourself, with sex, politics and religion. A quote to keep present:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

About passion
Passion is great, without doubts. But is a fact. You can say it, just as you can say whatever you want. Think about it. You can lie everything about you, but that will not take away what you really are. Or make another you. Let’s make a creative exercise about what we want to say and how, with all the synonyms as you like. In the end, is what you are going to see although you can be authentic and sincerely very passionate and very creative, it may be not be understood as well. The original also stops being it.

Play with the header

The Twitter header background it’s a resource that gives you lot of possibilites, no doubts about it.

Professionally personal or personal professional

Don’t do a big deal about it. We are people. Humans. With all that entails. More or less, better or worse, professionals. But, after all, professionals. If we want to focus on this, well, let’s do it. But not forget that we are all that we are, don’t make a mess…

Keep it updated

Don’t have your kinder garden picture forever. Well, at least your same bio. Reality is fickle. Let’s do it as it is, and change as it is good to change, bio always reflect it.

Disaster drawer

Let’s and with humor, some ‘details to polish’ for all tastes, things that are repeated until you say: please, stop. Tests of each other to see if it sneaks and we find what we are looking for, in our bio, and much more.

The main thing is to always be able to say ‘dear Twitter bio, nice to meet(me)’. As you can see, this gives more and more chapters and debate.

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